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Soap and Glory Lid Stuff

Eyeshadows are my favourite beauty buy, I just bloody love seeing a sparkly new eye palette on the shelves. So much so that my choices have often ranged into the very expensive, but they do last ages!

Having just hit pan with my beloved Christian Dior All in One Artistry palette in Amber Design, I was upset. While this did last a couple of years, I didn’t quite have the €50 note hanging around to just hop into town and buy another so my quest for some beautiful alternatives ensued.

These babies definitely hit the mark. I have already fallen heavily for Soap & Glory and their amazing makeup range, but this solidifies what is guarnteed to be a life long friendship!

I have tried all three eyeshadow quads available and I can tell you they are gorgeous. I haven’t stopped wearing the neutral one What’s Nude since I got my paws on it and have no plans to! The complimentary shades offer just the right amount of eye opening loveliness and really suit pale skin but I’m sure look equally gorgeous on every skin tone! While I’m not a huge fan of really dark eyeshadow the smokey eye palette Smokey Dokey is really muted and seductive and will be worn alot! Finally, for those who love a blast of colour, Off the Wallflowers is a beautiful mix of matte and shimmery peacock shades.

All these shadows don’t budge once applied, offer a gorgeous mix of colours in matte and shimmering finishes and really look fantastic on! All hail Soap & Glory!

Soap & Glory quads are €14 each and as Boots often have a 3 for 2 on cosmetics (which I think they do at the moment) if you hot foot it to your nearest one you may get a great deal on these!

Pros: Well priced, beautifully made and look gorgeous on

Cons: I just wish there were even more quads to choose from!

Score: 9/10

Would I buy again? Definitely!


15 comments on “Soap and Glory Lid Stuff

  1. Lucy
    April 12, 2012

    Love your blog! Just found it on #bbloggers! Those palettes are so pretty! Especially love the neutral one! Would love it if you could take a look at my blog –

    • smokeyeyesmua
      April 12, 2012

      Thanks:) Just taking a peek at yours now it looks great:) These palettes are gorgeous you should check them out!

  2. hazyindublin
    April 12, 2012

    I’ve seen these in Boots and I thought the colour wouldn’t come up great… But they do?

    • smokeyeyesmua
      April 12, 2012

      I find the colour pay off is very nice and long lasting! Try swatch the testers when you’re in!

  3. awkwardcelebrity
    April 12, 2012

    I am a sucker for neutrals! I love the neutral palettes!

  4. sjbkk
    April 12, 2012

    Love the embossed soap&glory logo 😉 wish our local Boots carry these lovelies though.

  5. fortyflirtyfabulous
    April 12, 2012

    I usually wear nuetrals, but I am loving the brights! Am I crazy? The sparkly plummy color would make a great liner!

  6. Tina B
    April 14, 2012

    Love the bright one and the embossed shadow is gorgeous! I wonder if I can get these online??

    • smokeyeyesmua
      April 14, 2012

      Where abouts in the world are you Tina?

      • Tina B
        April 15, 2012

        In the U.S., state of Illinois 🙂

  7. smokeyeyesmua
    April 15, 2012

    Ah that’s a pity, keep an eye on EBay!

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