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Derma Eraze Miracle Oil

Every girl should have an oil moisturiser in their bathroom cabinet, it’s simply unparalleled when it comes to keeping your skin toned, moisturised and supple. It then becomes vital when you’re having kids, losing weight or just getting older in general!

The Product: Derma Eraze Miracle Oil ties in with the brands revolutionary treatments in Harley Street which tackle stretchmarks and scars with up to 50% improvement. As I and many of you know from dieting, keeping your skin in good shape and tackling these issues is a huge deal and who wouldn’t want to avail of that type of treatment if they got the chance? If however, like me, you’re tackling your skin issues from the bathroom, an oil like this is a sound investment. The bottle is a decent size and has a nice applicator pump which doesn’t dispense too much product at a time.

Application: Yes, oils are a little messy and take longer to absorb into the skin but they also have an effect that is often unrivalled with traditional cream moisturisers. So yes I did have to wait a little longer to get dressed but I’m happy to if those oils are really doing their job. This is very rich and a little messy, but also really feels like you’re treating your skin to something very nourishing.

Result: Miracle Oil has a lovely blend of Olive, Avocado and Almond Oil to really smooth and hydrate the skin and, as a girl on a diet, I plan to incorporate this into my daily routine to keep my skin in tip top shape! I’ll update on a later stage as to the long term effects of the oil, but for now I’m really loving the boost it’s giving my skin and how it’s erasing my pesky dry bits!

Miracle Oil and the treatments available through the brand can be viewed here


2 comments on “Derma Eraze Miracle Oil

  1. sjbkk
    April 5, 2012

    This is interesting 🙂 I never had and tried an oil moisturiser before.

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