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Review: Murad Hybrids Range

I love the idea behind Murad and their Hybrids makeup range. They don’t want to offer us ladies cosmetics that just look pretty, they want a hybrid between their award winning skincare range and cosmetics that not only offer instant results, but helps improve skin over time. What girl doesn’t want that?

So I was lucky enough to review a large selection of the Hybrids range to get a serious insight into their range of products and how they perform so here’s a little break down of each.

Skin Perfecting Primers: 

Matte Primer: The primers only come in one colour which on first sight appears quite dark but melts into the skin to disappear entirely. I was a little nervous because I’m quite pale and most pale shades can still look a little orange on me but this really blended well and offered a really nice result. I also let my boyfriend’s sis try this out as she doesn’t use primers and she loved it and even wore it out on it’s own on days when she was running around but wanted some light coverage!

Dewy Primer: This offers a sheer finish compared to the more powder-like coverage of the matte primer and therefore is better suited to dry and mature skin. The colour is the exact same but the finish is suitably fresh while still offering decent oil control. I also tried this out on my mum who is beginning to be won over by primers and she really liked the glow this gave her while disguising blemishes. Her tip would be to make sure any moisturiser you have put on previously has sunk in properly before you apply it so it goes on smoothly.

Eye products:

Eye Lift Illuminator: This looked really interesting as it’s a violet gel you apply to the eye area to help diminish dark circles. I used this before makeup but unfortunately wasn’t wowed by it. It did make a tiny bit of difference to the eye area but nothing drastic which is a pity. It also made my concealer go on strangely afterwards so I’d recommend letting it dry in well before applying any make up over it.

Eye Lift Perfector: This is much more effective than the illuminator and offers a nice creamy consistency that helps disguise circles and makes you look a little bit more awake! Nothing has yet to throw down my Collection 2000 concealer from it’s throne but this does a nice job.

So the verdict – While the eye products didn’t have quite the wow factor I was expecting, the primers seem to be a hit and are nicely tailored to the different skin needs ladies have. All three of us were impressed with the results so they’re worth trying out ladies if you’re on the hunt for a new primer to suit your individual needs! All these products are on the more expensive end of the scale and it’s true that many high street brands are offering seriously competitive products so my advice would be to try out a sample and see if this works for you.


2 comments on “Review: Murad Hybrids Range

  1. I got the primer in a Glossybox a couple months ago and although initially a bit dubious about the colour I really like it too. Normally I wouldn’t really wear primer (it’s one of those things I know I should use but I just don’t get round to buying) but I really noticed the difference with this.

    • smokeyeyesmua
      March 19, 2012

      Glad you like it, primers can be a bit tricky sometimes so glad you found one that works for you!:)

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