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MAC Fashion Week Looks Revealed

Want to know how the runway models look so darn good? Ok, so yes genetics play a considerable part, but so does a skilled make up artist and a heap load of fantastic cosmetics. So here’s a breakdown ( and a sneak peek of products not even available to us mere mortals yet) of some of the Autumn/Winter looks MAC created for New York and Milan Fashion Weeks Dahling!


  • Skin is prepared and perfected for a natural finish
  • Richly Honed Pro Sculpting Cream (available Autumn/Winter 2012) and Smoked Paprika Crème Eye Shadow, Fall Trend Palette (available Autumn/Winter 2012) — blended together and shaded under cheekbones for a deep contour
  • Illuminate Prep + Prime Fortified Skin Enhancer — blended over upper cheekbones to highlight
  • vapour Eye Shadow — swept down the bridge of nose, cupid’s bow, and centre of chin to highlight


  • Accentuate Pro Sculpting Cream (available Autumn/Winter 2012) — blended under eyes
  • vapour Eye Shadow — applied through the inner corner of eyes to highlight
  • Clear Brow Set — grooms and defines brows


  • Accentuate Pro Sculpting Cream (available Autumn/Winter 2012) — patted into lips for a sheer nude effect


  • Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation — blended over hydrated skin to even tone and texture
  • Mineralize SPF 15 Loose Foundation — swept over the face to set and polish
  • M∙A∙C Pro Bone Beige Sculpting Powder Pro Palette — blended under cheekbones to contour
  • Prep + Prime Radiant Rose Highlighter and Pearl Cream Colour Base — layered and blended over upper cheekbones to highlight
  • Fleur Power Powder Blush and Pink Swoon Sheertone Blush — blended together and swept over cheeks for a flush


  • Painterly Paint Pot — blended over the eyelids and through the crease to accentuate the natural shape of the eye
  • Mauveless Pro Longwear Eye Shadow (available Autumn/Winter 2012) — lightly swept through the crease and lower lashes for a bit of definition
  • Pearl Cream Colour Base — applied over the centre of eyelids to highlight
  • M∙A∙C Pro NC15/NW20 Chromagraphic Pencil — applied through the waterline of lower lashes to brighten eyes
  • Haute & Naughty Black Mascara — generously applied through the upper lashes to define
  • 34 Lash — applied above upper lashline for an extreme, but beautiful look to lashes
  • Brows are groomed and shaded for perfection


  • Petting Pink Lip Conditoner SPF 15 — blended into lips to hydrate and enhance their natural tone
  • Fall For Plum, Fall Trend Lip Palette — blended over the entire lip to finish


  • Mineralize Charged Water Moisture Gel — hydrates and prepares the skin
  • Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 — blended over skin to even tone and texture
  • Pro Conceal And Correct Palette/Light (available Autumn/Winter 2012) — used only where needed to perfect
  • Naturally Defined and Acc entuate Pro Sculpting Creams (available Autumn/Winter 2012) — mixed and blended under cheekbones for a contour with 168 Large Angled Contour Brush
  • Always Sunny Pro Longwear Eye shadow (available Autumn/Winter 2012) — blended over the subtle contour
  • Pearl Cream Colour Base — highlights the upper cheekbones
  • Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder/Press ed — polishes and sets foundation


  • Day Gleam Press ed Pigments (available Autumn/Winter 2012) — applied with a “humid” brush over the eyelids
  • Always Sunny Pro Longwear Eye shadow (available Autumn/Winter 2012) — sw ept through the crease and lower lashline
  • Lofty Brown zoom lash masc ara — applied over curled lashes
  • M·A·C Pro NC15/NW20 Chromagraphic Pencil — applied through the waterline of lower lashes to neutralize lid colour and open up eyes


  • Cherry Lip Pencil — defines and contours the lip
  • Ruffian RED Lips tick (available SUMMER 2012) — applied over the entire lip


  • Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion — hydrates and prepares skin
  • Matchmaster Foundation SPF 15 — lightly blended over skin to perfect
  • Studio Finish SPF 15 Concealer — applied only where needed
  • Pro Sculpt Sculpt ing Powder Pro Palette blended with Cubic Powder Blush — contours the cheek
  • Pink Swoon Sheertone Powder Blush — highlights apple of cheek


  • M·A·C Pro Marine Ultra and Landscape Green Chromagraphic Pencils — blended together and smudged into the upper lashline and upwards into the crease
  • Minted Eye Kohl — blended into the crease for a highlighting effect
  • M·A·C Pro Kelly Green Pigment and Club Eye shadow — blended over the shape to add texture and dimension to the eye
  • Blooz Eye Kohl — sketched into the lashline to extend the eye
  • Black Crème Liner — delicately applied to deepen lashes and accentuate the lashline
  • Haute & Naughty Black Mascara — applied through the upper lashes


  • Lip Conditioner SPF 15 — hydrates and provides the lip with a natural shine

Which look is your favourite? Are there any new products taking your fancy?


2 comments on “MAC Fashion Week Looks Revealed

  1. Chantelle
    March 6, 2012

    Love the first look, so perfect for Spring!

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