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Review: The Handmade Soap Co. Choco Mint Lip Balm

Lent is just around the corner and  many of us will be ditching the delectable sugary goodies in favour of saintly abstinence! It’s tough, but this little balm may help you through those perilous moments when you crave something naughty. This smells divine, giving a lovely whiff of real chocolate mint goodness while providing a natural, moisturising balm to the lips. It’s pure, well crafted, packaged beautifully and best of all is only €4.50!

This is my first taste of the brand and I can’t wait to try out more of their gorgeous products. For more information on this fab Irish brand that uses 100% natural ingredients, check out their website here


2 comments on “Review: The Handmade Soap Co. Choco Mint Lip Balm

  1. Jayne
    February 24, 2012

    Got to love a mint lipbalm, best flavour for lips. I’m really enjoying the mint EOS lip balm at the moment from cutECOsmetics.

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