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Review: Shu Uemura Matte Colourless Face Powder

You may have noticed my growing obsession with Shu Uemura since their counter finally hit Brown Thomas last August. Basically, the quality is amazing and, in some products, simply outstanding. Last week, I purchased The Herald to see the winners in their annual beauty awards and, sure enough, Shu Uemura had won the best powder category.. This, coupled with the need to get an all-rounder powder for my make up course decided it for me, I simply had to have it!

This was just under €33 euro in Brown Thomas, certainly not cheap, but from my experience with my beloved Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Powder, a little goes a long way. The jar for the Shu Uemura powder is suitably huge and even when I decanted the powder into separate jars for both my own use and class use, there was a huge amount to go around. The jar comes with a nice powder puff and a protective mesh over the powder so that only a small amount dispenses each time.

So how does it perform? Well it gives a gorgeous finish to my pale skin, but as my skin can get quite dry, a little is preferable so it doesn’t clog my pores. It gives a matte but translucent finish, so it doesn’t cake the face too much. Now how this will perform in the warmer months when my skin tends to get greasier is anyone’s guess but I’m very impressed so far. It’s not quite as mattifying as the Make Up Forever colourless powder which is similar and therefore the easiest to rate it against. However, I really like the finish so far so have high hopes. I’d be interested to see how this will work in class on girls with darker skin tones and will report back in due course. So far though, I’m loving it!

This powder comes in four other shades and can be purchased from Brown Thomas. For more information, visit the Shu Uemura website here


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