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Review: She Uemura Brow Pencil in Seal Brown

There’s a distinctly frightening trend emerging for ‘Scouse Brows’, the type of hard, dark eyebrows that we  have only previously glimpsed on Martin Scorsese, Bert from Seasame Street or Madonna in the 80’s. They’re certainly something to behold and oddly hypnotic, but in no way a look to try and emulate. So how do you tread the line between non-existant brows or black magic marker ones? A deft hand, a good eye and the right product. This pencil definitely falls into the last category.

I’ve had difficulty trying to find a brown eyebrow pencil that wasn’t  too reddish in tint, that was until I did a little research on Makeupalley and put my trust in one of my new favourite brands, Shu Uemura. So here’s the lowdown.

Firstly, it’s €19. I know that’s not cheap but the pencil is larger than the average  brow pencils on offer and therefore will last you so long, it will work out as good value!

Secondly, this is a matte, brown colour, perfect for darker gals who want a true dark shade with no hints of red in it. It’s an understated colour that you build up and this subtly allows you to get a really nice, natural finish. Plus, the oil activated formula means it works when it interacts with your brow hairs and therefore greatly diminishes the chance of mistakes.

Finally, it won’t move or transfer if you touch or rub your face and will last the course of the day with ease. Shu Uemura really know their stuff and this is a superior product for those that want a natural, defined brow to complete their look. If you’re not sure, the girls on the counter will be more than happy to try it out on you to see what you think, as they did with me before I splurged. Personally, some make-up products are worth the extra expense and in my opinion, this is definitely one of them.

There are 3 shades available and this can be purchased in Brown Thomas.

Total: 9.5/10

Would I buy again: Yes


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