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Peter Thomas Roth Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel

Primers are a tricky thing, too weak and your face will be shiny and make up free by lunchtime, too potent and you can get breakouts, dry patches and skin that is matt but decidedly worse for wear. Personally I am a shiny person by design and my face has the ability to become greasy and yet magically dry, when what I really desire is skin that is matt but silky so I can add subtle shimmer and sheen where I want. Up until last summer though, I had had no such luck.That was, until I was browsing through one day and noticed that Peter Thomas Roth had scooped the best primer gong in InStyle’s beauty buy awards for his Max Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel. Now I’m a sucker for ordering something online and the more illusive it is the more I want it so I went straight onto Ebay and before I knew it I was about 30 euro poorer.

Now I should also say up to this point I hadn’t really bothered with primers and would occasionally use my Smashbox one but more often than not, didn’t bother with anything at all.

So when I received my package week or so later and excitedly read the back, it said that this could be used over make up or on bare skin and so I duly began applying this after my make up and randomly throughout the day when shiny patches began to appear. I wasn’t overly impressed that I had to bring it with me to re-apply and so after a few weeks it was half-heartedly cast into the make-up bag of seldom use where the products that don’t quite make the grade are relegated to. I’d been searching ever since and trying out  primers with varying levels of success when I realised I’d never actually tried using this before makeup and that therefore the problem was most likely with me rather than the award winning primer!

Oh and how happy I am that I gave it another try, for this primer has become my must-have for keeping my skin in check! It smooths skin and imperfections on application and keeps at bay any remnants of unsightly greasiness without leaving your skin parched for moisture. I have large pores and this doesn’t block them or cause unsightly breakouts. Yes it’s a little pricey, yes the bottle is a bit finickity to use but it’s so, so good that I forgive it for anything.

If you suffer from greasy skin throughout the day or simply want a primer that keeps your make-up firmly on your face, try this out. Even if you want to go make up free but want a gel that makes your skin look smoother and silkier, this is the product for you. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

Rating: 10/10

Would I buy again? Yes


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